Sports Injury Groin Pull

Sport Injury

My name is Tim Hooks, the creator and owner of TiMae Health. In May of 1995 while exercising–doing weight lifting and incline flies –with two (2) sixty pounds dumbbell, I unfortunately, over trained in the number of reps and sets. I was trying to get back in shape too quickly. During the exercise I suddenly heard a sound – pop. Immediately, I started to experienced irritation, redness and swelling in my groin area. This lasted for three (3) days until I was able to see my personal physician. The doctor diagnosed
the condition as a groin strain and recommended rest–no lifting and antibiotics. The drug caused other problems and therefore, I discontinued using it after four (4) days.

I took a break from exercising and weight training for about 18 months. However, the condition flares up when I perform any type of lifting. I visited a specialist-physician, sports doctors, hospitals and outside of surgery — they all suggested surgery, aspirin, rest, or antibiotics. That was nineteen (19) years ago and the pain or discomfort appears upon lifting objects.
Today, I am using the TiMae Sports Drink and I am able to lift, stretch, and do lifting exercise where in the past, I was not able to accomplish. I am getting stronger as I must continue the regimen for 22 days.

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