Healing Bodies                              
Rejuvenating Souls &
Restoring Minds
A Work-Enhancement Project
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Who Are We
KEW are activities and workshops created to develop work-ready individuals that will

enter the workplace, exceed and excel while maintaining a healthy work-life-health balance.

We also strive to assist individuals re-entering the work-force. Our workshops and activities

train and devlop skills necessary to secure employment and provide necessities to

strive  and advance. These life-long skills will take the participants beyond landing a job

and create productive life-long employees and members of society.
Career Enhancement
Work Force Re-Entry
Become a Partner and Support KEW in creating successful and productive employees entering or advancing in today's workplace.
 Our Workshop & Activities Include:

  • Mindset Training
  • Social, Financial, and Career Preparation
  • Work-Life Stress Management
  • Goal Setting
  • Health-Life-Work Balance
  • Work-Force Re-Entry
  • Job Placement
  • Internship
  • Mental, Physical, and Financial Health
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Are you interested in investing in your career or perhaps you are attempting to re-enter the work-force? Either way KEW is an opportunity to learn the tools and necessities required to advance within your current position, obtain a job/career, or start fresh. Furthermore balance your work, life, and health to maximize your potential. 

​Get moving today and unleash the power within; get your mind, body, financial, and career aligned like no other! 

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