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Who We Are

We are a team of volunteers who provides homes, shelter, Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) and Trap-Neuter-Return Care (TNRC) to feral cats. We ensure that cats are nutritionally healthy by protecting, vaccinating and ensuring the necessary wellness for a pain and stress-free life.

Why We Do It

Time after time, cats are euthanized or released into the wild due to one reason or another. Some care takers, unfortunately, can no longer care for these cats for some of the following reasons: economic hard-ship, busy schedules, sick/pregnant cat, etc. As a result, these cats tend to suffer a horrible life. Also, when kittens are released into the wild, they have no way to defend themselves or how to adapt and fend for themselves for food, etc. In addition, some are treated with cruelty, caged without food, lacking human interaction and place to roam for exercise.


In 2009, two (2) feral (mother & kitten) cats were dropped (mysteriously appeared) off at my parents’ house. It was a very sad situation and we could not let these helpless cats roam the streets without care and food. I became very passionate and a voice to help these helpless cats. The mission grew to over 200 and counting. I was able to teamed-up with other feral care volunteers to help and aid feral cats throughout the county – this accomplishment helped us to sleep well at nights.


To establish an affordable full-function veterinarian safe-haven center on a private estate in order for feral cats to live as humane as possible with all the comfort, protection, health and natural foods.


Our mission is to protect, neuter, administer health and life saving procedures for feral/stray cats to help them live a normal life without suffering.


We are partnering with our sister non-profit company, TiMae Holistic Herbal Health Institute in order to establish/research/develop/implement an all-natural remedy for the most common cat diseases. Also, we are seeking to partner with other companies in shaping policies to protect against the cruelty of cats.


Two hundred (200) feral cats:

  • Food & Nutrients
  • Vet care includes: (fixing, medicine, vaccines& blood works)
  • Gas transportation
  • Construction: (Materials for temporary cages, fences, and shelter)








Give/Donate (Click Here To Donate)

Many thanks in advance for your generous donations and time. The support of the community is tremendous; however, we have much more work do. We are in need of a construction of a vet building, shelter and all natural food remedies for cat diseases. Your continued support would go a long way in helping to achieve our goals.