ARTHRITIS Mama Hooks, “four (4) years ago I visited my doctor for sharp pain in my arms and shoulders and was diagnosed with arthritis in which was provided a name brand drug. The drug caused side-effects and did not eliminate the pain. The doctors recommended aspirins; however, the pain comes and goes. I tried TiMae […]

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Stephanie W. (female age 55) – Arthritis in the right hip (cannot rest well or sit on right hip/side) May 3, 2014: Received arthritis drink; 4 ounces at 10:00pmEST (sugar level 143 mg/dl) May 4, 2014: Received arthritis drink; 4 ounces (pain reduced substantially) (sugar level 113 mg/dl) May 5, 2014: Received arthritis drink; 4 […]

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Rheumatoid Arthritis

Jerry J. (male: age 61) Diagnosis: Rheumatoid arthritis in both knees and ankles Condition Frequency: Constant pain in knees and ankles daily, swollen ankles Treatments: 01/25/2014: 4 ounces at 10:15pm EST 01/26/2014: 4 ounces at 8:30am EST (no pain) 01/27/2014: 4ounces at 9:00am EST (no pain) 01/28/2014: 4 ounces at 9:00am EST (no pain) 01/29/2014: […]

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