Arthritis “My name is Alberta J. out of Albany, GA and I am 80 years young. I was diagnosed with rheumatoidarthritis five (5) years ago and visited several/ongoing doctors, hospitals and specialists for severe pain and was given injections. I started the TiMae Arthritis Drink in February/2014 and all the pain was gone on the […]


ARTHRITIS Mama Hooks, “four (4) years ago I visited my doctor for sharp pain in my arms and shoulders and was diagnosed with arthritis in which was provided a name brand drug. The drug caused side-effects and did not eliminate the pain. The doctors recommended aspirins; however, the pain comes and goes. I tried TiMae […]


Stephanie W. (female age 55) – Arthritis in the right hip (cannot rest well or sit on right hip/side) May 3, 2014: Received arthritis drink; 4 ounces at 10:00pmEST (sugar level 143 mg/dl) May 4, 2014: Received arthritis drink; 4 ounces (pain reduced substantially) (sugar level 113 mg/dl) May 5, 2014: Received arthritis drink; 4 […]

Sports Injury Groin Pull

Sport Injury My name is Tim Hooks, the creator and owner of TiMae Health. In May of 1995 while exercising–doing weight lifting and incline flies –with two (2) sixty pounds dumbbell, I unfortunately, over trained in the number of reps and sets. I was trying to get back in shape too quickly. During the exercise […]

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Jerry J. (male: age 61) Diagnosis: Rheumatoid arthritis in both knees and ankles Condition Frequency: Constant pain in knees and ankles daily, swollen ankles Treatments: 01/25/2014: 4 ounces at 10:15pm EST 01/26/2014: 4 ounces at 8:30am EST (no pain) 01/27/2014: 4ounces at 9:00am EST (no pain) 01/28/2014: 4 ounces at 9:00am EST (no pain) 01/29/2014: […]