Mama Hooks, “four (4) years ago I visited my doctor for sharp pain in my arms and shoulders and was diagnosed with arthritis in which was provided a name brand drug. The drug caused side-effects and did not eliminate the pain. The doctors recommended aspirins; however, the pain comes and goes. I tried

TiMae Arthritis Drink and the pain was reduced to 20% then 10% on the second day. After five (5) days if ingesting the remedy, the pain was still persistent, although not as severe. My son suggested that I may have other conditions surrounding the muscle. I started a program with the arthritis drink in the morning and muscle drink at night. The drink tasted moderate and it was four (4) ounces to ingest a day per drink for twelve (12) days. After the second day my pain was completely gone. In addition, I had a muscle spasm in my back and shoulders in July of 2014 — I was unable to move and had lots of pain. I
went to the emergency room and prescribed a muscle relaxer and antibiotics for the pain. Again I used TiMae Arthritis/Muscle Drink and all the pain and discomfort was gone on the third (3) day.”

Papa Hooks, “I was admitted to the emergency room in September of 2014 for sharp pain in my foot and preliminary diagnosed was Gout. They took blood work and I am waiting for the results. In the meantime I started using the TiMae Arthritis Drink and all of the pain and swelling disappeared.”

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