TiMae Health & Beauty Inc

Vision Statement:

It is the vision of TiMae to be recognized globally as a premier resource of organic products from ‘land and sea’ for the improvement of health and wellness with no side effect.

Mission Statement:
Our mission at TiMae is to help improve the health and wellness of each of our clients. We will provide each of our clients with products containing ingredients from ‘land and sea’ to help with long term comfort and relief with no side-effects or additives. We are committed to using the most respected state-of-the art medical research and treatment facilities for total healthcare planning, and wellness organically. Our main objective is to inspire and educate our customers to achieve optimal health and wellness.

TiMae believes in :

  • Promoting the use of natural products from ‘land and sea’ to support health and wellness
  • Providing opportunities for education about the effectiveness of our products.
  • Fostering state-of-the art medical research to optimize products for our clients
  • Providing low cost solutions, and phenomenal customer service

is committed to supporting the health and wellness of its clients by providing holistic natural products from ‘land and sea’ that contribute to healthy lifestyle habits.
Also, as a corporation, we follow socially responsible business practices with our employees, our vendors, and our customers. Our adherence to our values guides our daily and long term decisions.
At TiMae, our core principles are as follows:

  • Low-Cost Solutions
  • Customer Driven
  • Leadership